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Faster + Easier = Loyalty

Why do people buy Keurig coffee machines? Does it make better coffee? Or offer more options than other coffee makers?

They buy it because it’s fast and easy.

Why are more and more people calling an Uber instead of an ambulance? Because it’s fast and easy.

Your customers live in that world. They are choosing the companies that make their lives faster and easier.

Do you?

What does renewal time look like for your customers? They have 5 different products with different end dates, prorations, and seat counts. How are you making that process fast, and easy? Are you trying? Or do you just expect them to “understand” it’s complicated and requires 5 different quotes/contracts/proposals, and 30 emails?

Why do you think Apple gives away their new OS platforms for free in their app store, instead of charging for it? Apple products do not lead the way with offerings, specs and customization. They give you limited choices, no customizable options and yet many are fiercely loyal Apple users.

Why? They make fast and easy to use products.

Maybe you’re like most companies and don’t even know where to begin to deliver a faster and easier experience to your customers. That’s ok. Start small.

You provide the best software to help your customers succeed professionally. Now show a subset of them that you value their time and effort as well.

How though? Where do you even begin? There are too many contracts to go through, too many renewals, customers, subscriptions. You can’t possibly organize and streamline them all.

Start simple; start with need.

Pull a report from your CRM of your most complex customers. Use parameters like this:

Customers who:
- Have multiple renewals sometime in the next 180 days
- That have more than one contract/subscription
- With renewal values above X

Now filter out everything but the top 10 highest valued renewals on that list.

Suddenly, you have a starting point. A smaller, bite sized list to go after.

With a quick report, you now have a list of 10 customers for whom you can deliver faster and easier. A list of those who can also then deliver loyalty, to you.

Andrew Dunlap