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Data Analysis Is Everything

Analytics are the foundation of every successful company.

When Henry Ford came up with his idea for an assembly line in his factory, it wasn’t a simple revelation. His decision was driven by data.

Looking at the workflow of his company to produce their vehicles, he determined that it would be far more efficient to have people dedicated to specific tasks. Then they could do things over and over to perfect their craft. 

Now, every company does this. We all have a role. Of course this isn’t revolutionary to us. We’ve grown accustomed to this efficiency, delivered to us from the insights of data.

More recently, engineers would draw their designs by hand. Thousands of hours would be spent perfecting the master design drawings, which would then be copied on an Ammonia printer.

Then a company came along with a computer aided design software. Firms were reluctant to try it. How could drawing on a computer be faster and more accurate?

Forward thinking companies set up tests. They put half of their people on the CAD software and the other half kept drawing by hand. The profitability difference was staggering. 

Data is the driver of every massive industry change. It saves business, kills others, and sheds light on new ways to do the same tasks, faster and cheaper.

You know this, though. In fact, you're living it every day. Evaluating the data before you, and making choices based on your conclusions.

Let’s talk about your business. How are you actively looking for insight from the data you are creating?

Sure, anyone can follow their industry as it shifts, from data fueled insight. But what are you doing to find these things first? What have you set up to learn more every day about your organization and your customers?

Do you wait until the end of the year to review things? Maybe each quarter you take a look. Or perhaps you don’t have the tools to analyze your productivity and effectiveness, because you’re not in charge. You don’t “get to make those decisions.”

I wonder what your leadership would say if you told them you could be better, faster and more efficient at your job if they set up a CRM for you to use. A CRM that would allow you to self-analyze how you were working, how well you were taking care of your Customers, and what kind of profits you could expect to generate the company this month.

They would say yes.

Business is about delivering something to the world. If you can do that better than you could yesterday, for less money, you would do it.


Andrew Dunlap