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Why does your business exist? Why do you go to work every day?

Simon Sinek, a popular business consultant, purports that the answer to that question is the most important question.

Money, you might say. Our business exists to make money.

No, that’s the result. Your business exists to DO something. To make something a reality that wasn’t before. So, what is that?

I’ll give you an example. Cornerstone Insights exists to make every organization we do business with better. We start with that. Every day, we wake up, come into the office, and that is our driver. We are here to make our clients better organizations. Faster. More efficient. Streamlined. Models of customer service. Intelligent. Agile. Industry leaders. Whatever is “better” for them. 

The details of that, the "how," is with the best CRM tool on the market, Salesforce.

When we approach our clients then, we don’t approach them with the mindset that they are simply a bank account to be tapped. We approach them with what we are: a company that makes them better.

What is your Why? Sure you might sell the best XYZ product or service. But Why are you doing it? Is it to give your customers an unparalleled product or experience? Or are you simply trying to churn profits?

In business, we so often get weighed down by the fringe details, the How or Who, don’t we? The original purpose and vision is forgotten. WHY we do what we do gets lost in the HOW we provide it, and the RESULTS that come from it.

Focus on your WHY. It’s what the most valuable companies in the world do.

Andrew Dunlap