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"We Don't Need Salesforce"

“We don’t need Salesforce”

“Really?” I asked. “What do you mean?”

The executive went on to explain how their business was simple, and they didn’t need some “complex tool” like Salesforce.

What a classic and devastating error: assuming a simple business plan equates operational simplicity.

What do you do each day? Wake up, eat, go to work, come home, sleep, repeat? Some of you might say you have a simple life. “It’s just not complicated.” You might say. “On the weekends I change it up a bit, but otherwise each day is pretty much the same.”

Consider for a moment what is happening at a biological level to make your “simple” life happen. Before you wake up, your body is rebuilding, and restoring damage done from your energy expenditure the day before. You wake, and immediately your brain is taking in billions of data points, and preparing you to respond. What you eat, how you dress, the route you take to work, the motor and mental skills required to have that conference call on the road; it is anything but simple.

Your routine may be simple, but you are not. You are an incredibly complex being. Just like your business, which is like a living organism. It grows, contracts, responds, evolves and can be killed. It is made up of members and parts that help it to thrive or die, all while being driven by a head, typically comprised of leaders.  

Each of us have a vertebrae with a spinal cord. A structure that holds everything together and transmits the data to the rest of the members. It helps us make decisions, analyze feedback from the world around us, and keep us safe. It is one of the most vital components to our being, motion and heathy growth. Just like the spinal cord of your business; your CRM. 

“To be clear, you don’t want the best product on the market to fill that role?”

Would you say that you are fully committed to your companies success?

Andrew Dunlap