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Identify a Good Salesforce Partner in 5 Seconds

You picked Salesforce for it’s flexibility, and now you need a Partner to help you design, build and unlock that flexibility for your organization.

How do you find a good one?

Every Salesforce Account Manager knows that your happiness with Salesforce, your people’s adoption to the platform and your basic satisfaction, hinges on you having a good experience with your Partner. It’s not that Salesforce isn’t good enough by itself. A Partner will simply allow you to fully mine the depths of what Salesforce has to offer for your organization.

It’s important, so how do you pick one? There are thousands of Partners! How can you pick one and know they will set you up well for long-term success?

I would suggest that the very first time you meet or get on a call with someone from that Partners group, you should know in the first 5 seconds if they are going to be worth considering. 


What is the first thing they say? You introduce yourselves, then what? If they don’t immediately ask you “tell me about your business,” or “how can we help you be successful with Salesforce,” that should be a big red flag. Some Partners will launch into some great monologue of how they make organizations successful, their process, how this project is “going to work,” etc. And they could be great Partners, but keep your eyes open and be much more careful.

Every Partner’s primary purpose should be your success with Salesforce. If they are more interested in telling you about them than listening about you, that’s a terrible foot to start on.

Your relationship with your Partner should consist of a lot of listening on their part, as you talk to them about how your organization functions. Their job is strategize, consider, plan and design a system that meets those exact needs. If they start by talking and telling you how they will build your system instead of listening, there’s a good chance they are going to build what they want, and not what you need.

Look for a Partner who is quick to listen, and slow to speak, one who seeks to understand your business inside and out before they build anything.

Andrew Dunlap