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Actually Hit Your Goals

Setting goals is important; you know this. Have you actaully set them, though? Are you writing them down? Are they a constant focus?

They say if you write down your goals you are 42% more likely to achieve them. No extra effort. No more skill required. You simply need to write them down and you increase your chances dramatically. Is there any easier way to improve your chances of hitting goals than that? We haven’t found one.

Where though? Where you write them down is crucial; it can’t be anywhere.

That’s the piece no one talks about. Sure, we all understand writing something down conceptually. But not all written items are equal. If you write something down and shove it in a drawer never to be seen again, that’s not the same as being the first thing you see every morning on your wall. Placement is pivotal.


You have goals for your people. You want them to be successful, to enjoy working for you, and to improve the bottom line of the company. Them hitting the goals you set for them, benefits everyone. Recent research conducted by Chick-Fil-A shows that the best performers need your vision and goals to be communicated to them, to hit their full potential.

How are you communicating the goals you’ve set for your team? Do they clearly know what they are? Have you explained where those goals fit into the larger picture of the companies (and subsequently their) success?

Mark Miller, VP at Chick-Fil-A, wrote an entire book based on their research findings. It’s a great read on how to keep your best employees happy and productive. Spoiler: you need to set, explain, and keep reminding your people about the organizations goals.


Your organization has goals for you. Do you know what they are? Are you filtering each decision you make through them? How are you keeping them at the forefront of everything you do?

It’s tough to keep pressing toward lofty goals. It requires a great deal of focus, patience and perseverance. Having your goals present and constantly available to you though, is one sure way to maintain focus. So how can you do that?

The How

Managers need to relay the goals; their people need to see them. Over, and over, and over.

Make it simple. Build it into your CRM.

What better place exists for your people to view their goals than the system that is the backbone of your entire organization? All of your organization data is (or should be) there. Mating their personal goals to those metrics then, is a no brainer.

Build out metrics for people to see every time they log into your CRM. Show their goals clearly, what they’ve done, where they need to focus.

With clearly outlined metrics, there is no guesswork.  Everyone is on the same page about where the company is now, and where it could be.





Andrew Dunlap