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Don't Trust It

“I can’t trust the report,” Allison said. “Because I know the data behind it, isn’t accurate.”

If you can’t trust what’s in Salesforce, you can’t trust your reports. If you can’t trust those, then any insights you could have derived, are now questionable.

What’s the point of paying for Salesforce then? Plenty of systems can hold the data you put in them, including Excel. You don’t need a CRM to take notes that may or may not be accurate.

What if it could be accurate though? What if your team’s accuracy could be improved by Salesforce itself?

You might start to trust the system a bit, your reports would get closer to accurate, maybe even spot on. Before you know it, it will be reliable, and you’ll make decisions based on what it’s showing you.

So how can you turn the boat around?


Salesforce has great and powerful features in it’s Validation and Workflow rules. And if you aren’t using them, your data is in jeopardy of becoming unreliable.

If you’re having issues with your data then, it might be time to start adding in data rules to keep the entry tight, and keep your people sharp when they’re putting in the data you need to maximize Salesforce, and accelerate your business.

Andrew Dunlap