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In House Email Is A Crime


Can you go into Salesforce and log some notes about your conversation with Melinda from Tech First? I want to use them in my presentation next week in their office.



If you’re organization is tracking everything in Salesforce for maximum visibility by the whole team, chances are you may have had to tell someone that a record needed their attention or an update. It’s a fairly common thing to happen in a team environment.

But don’t do it by email! We get plenty of email as it is, so adding in Salesforce items we need to address to that mix is not appealing. Fortunately, there’s a better way! An efficient way! A way that keeps you from having to leave Salesforce to alert someone they need to work on something!

This is the beauty of Process Builder. We recently built a process for an organization who wanted to automatically generate tasks for whomever needed to touch something next. An order was ready for their billing expert to take over? She got a task made with details. Customer service needed to follow up with a contact? They got a task about it.

With endless possibilities in Process Builder, you really can make life much easier with Salesforce. And at the very least, cut down on emails!

Andrew Dunlap