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Is Salesforce Like You?

To increase productivity these days, you need solutions designed specifically for your business. Out of the box products simply won’t be the best fit for any company, especially when it comes to a CRM system. Your business has needs unique to your industry, your company, your users, and your workflows. Salesforce as a CRM platform has been carefully designed to handle such customization, but how does a company tap into that fully?

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Microsoft Word is a great product, and was revolutionary in word processing when it came out. But that’s all it is, a word processor. It can’t transform into a different product, handle powerpoints, bill clients, or track contacts. It’s an off the shelf solution that only requires you learn where the buttons are. And that is exactly what makes Salesforce so special. There are no limitations. Whatever you need to track for your business, it can handle it. In that sense, Salesforce is like Origami paper. You can fold Salesforce into any shape you can dream of, if you know which folds to make. And business analysis reveals the folds you need.

There are thousands of Salesforce developers out there that can customize Salesforce beautifully, making it do nearly anything. But sadly, many do not employ business analysis strategies to build what their clients need. At Cornerstone Insights, we believe that if we don’t ask the right questions initially, the solutions we create won’t be the best they could be for our clients. When we work with any organization, we take great care to learn your business, to understand what your workflows are, so that we can optimize them with a purpose built customization of Salesforce. Your instance of Salesforce should not be like Microsoft Word; Salesforce should be like you.

Andrew Dunlap