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3 Reasons Successful Orgs Outsource Their Salesforce Administration

It's an incredible tool - really. Once you're company is up and running on the platform and your people know how to use it, Salesforce is your best friend. 

What's not to love? It gives you visibility into every corner of your business; it shows you precisely how your quarter is going; performance metrics on your people are a simple click away; it's almost too good.

Then, something changes. You hired someone, fired someone, or started selling a new service. Salesforce needs to be adjusted, and the consultant who got you up and running is long gone. What now? Most people hand the reigns of this sophisticated system off to an employee, one who doesn't know the first thing about Salesforce customization.

While that may seem like a logical solution, here's 3 reasons that won't get you what you need.

1. Money

Most companies use an internal, non-expert to save money. "Why call a consultant every time I need something minor? It's too expensive and cumbersome!" 

So, you hand things over to a marketing person. Well, if your company is larger than 15-20 folks, the amount of Salesforce related work could conservatively take up 12% of a persons time. Let's say that they're fairly decent with Salesforce and it only takes them twice as long to do something as opposed to an expert; so they're up to around 25% of their time. If their billable time is a thin margin of only 2x their salary, then you're losing 50% of their salary in revenue through their non-billed time working on Salesforce.

Half of your marketing person's salary is now lost revenue. With that same money lost, you could have had an expert managing, enhancing and updating your system regularly. People outsource Salesforce because it's ultimately cheaper and you get better results.

2. Enhancements

When you outsource your administration, you get an expert. An expert knows when to build or when to adjust. They know best practices that will make your organization thrive using Salesforce. But most importantly, they keep you moving forward.

When you outsource your Salesforce administration to us, we not only make the changes you ask for, but we look for the ones you need. We are in a constant state of analysis, ensuring Salesforce is adding value to your business, almost like another employee. From automation, to workflow efficiency, the system should evolve over time to better meet your needs. 

3. Peace

Companies that are most successful with Salesforce depend upon it heavily. They run all of their processes through it for maximum visibility. And that means you need it to work, all the time.

When you outsource your needs, if something comes up, urgent or otherwise, we offer you peace of mind. Forget the proposal, quote, contract, invoice process. When we're on call for you, your Salesforce needs are met immediately.

Need a quick reformatting of your order form? Done.
Want to automate sending a follow up email? No problem.
Have a "what if" question of how Salesforce can address a pain point? Just call.

Outsourcing your Salesforce administration is simply a cheaper way to produce better results that keep your company running smoothly.

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Andrew Dunlap