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3 Salesforce Features You Must Use

Systems are made to enhance your productivity and if Salesforce isn't making you faster than ever at your job, check out these tips for features you must be using to boost your efficiency!

List Views

Salesforce is about optimizing your time while minimizing your effort. If you’re spending all of your time wading through data trying to find what you need, the system is simply not serving you as it should be. List views may be the easiest way to harness the power of Salesforce and make your time in the system more productive. Within each segment of Salesforce, you have the ability to make custom list views. These allow you to filter out all kinds of data you don’t need to see, and bring what you do need to the forefront.

Salesforce List View

Everyone starts with generic list views like “My Open Orders” or “All Active Opportunities.” These are a great start, but you can get much more specific than that, and you should! Creating list views like “Customer Contracts Expiring This Week” and “Warm Leads In My City” make for targeted insights that can accelerate your work. The biggest mistake that we see is users sticking with the same List View for every need. Why not have 10 different ones, or a new one for each day of the week?


Salesforce Reports

The world of Reports can be complicated, but a true gold mine for those brave enough to learn it. We like to think of reports as the heart of Salesforce. They not only give you positive insights into your organization, but they can also reveal the blind spots. Do you know what your sales pipeline looks like next January versus last January? Did you realize your team is more productive on Thursdays than any other day of the week? Were you aware that Sarah converts the highest number of service leads, while Josh converts more sales leads? Or how about that Jeff is billing 75% more hours to your clients than the mean of the rest of your team?

Reports give you an infinite amount of angles by which to analyze and understand your businesses strengths and weaknesses. Are you leveraging reports on a daily basis?


And where would we be without Dashboards once we have built our Reports? If Reports are the heart of Salesforce, Dashboards are the skin that covers and makes them beautiful. Reports have seemingly endless depths that can be analyzed for hours, but sometimes you just need a quick snapshot. Maybe HQ is asking for quarterly sales profits for product X and you’ve only got 2 minutes to find it and send it along; this is where Dashboards shine.

Salesforce Dashboards

Once all of your reports are built, going on to create Dashboards adds a level of accessibility that makes them useful moment by moment. I like to have multiple Dashboards for a given user, that way, they have specific places to look for groups of information. Time is important, so having a place you can quickly look to get what you need makes Salesforce even more valuable. A good Dashboard shows you valuable insight about your business in under 10 seconds. If you’re in a hurry, on a call, or on vacation, opening a well built Dashboard should give you what you need instantly. Are your Dashboards showing you new insights?

Andrew Dunlap