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CRM: the Life Blood of the Modern Business

What does "CRM" even mean? How can it be the "blood" of business if it's not even a familiar acronym? Your business is surviving just fine, so clearly you don't need it, let alone depend on it for everything. Next article...

Well, actually, you do have a CRM; a Customer Relationship Management system. Currently, it's probably your brain. Digital CRM's simply allow us to track and analyze more data, faster and more efficiently than your brain can. 

CRM systems have been around for a while, and they're finally hitting their stride. Before, they were glorified spreadsheets that cost precious time and money. Now they're dangerously efficient weapons that give companies a serious edge over their competitors.

Why? Analytics.

The beauty of a CRM isn't that it holds data. Every palm pilot did that, your brain does that. A good CRM thrives in the world of answers from compiled data that you can't even begin to synthesize on your own. 

  • Which contracts are likely to to close by the end of this quarter?
  • When was the last time we touched base with Client A?
  • What was our profit margin on Widget X in the last week of December last year?
  • Who is my most profitable employee when it comes to selling Service G?
  • What was the pricing on the proposal we sent to Customer Q two quarters ago?
  • Which postal codes exhibit our greatest growth opportunities?
  • What is the current status of every project within my company?

Millions of possible questions, answered, at the click of a button. Insight and understanding of your customers, your market and your own business, have never been so easy to harness. 

So whether you don't have a CRM or you're using one like a note pad, it's time to reevaluate your strategy. In this modern world of business, you can't afford to waste time any longer.

Andrew Dunlap