Cornerstone Insights


Customer Feedback


Steve W.

Cornerstone Insights is truly a trusted partner. SalesForce is a great tool but requires someone who understands your business, it's processes and the inner workings of SalesForce. Cornerstone has a great knowledge of the inner workings of SalesForce and has a unique ability to quickly figure out your business processes so that they can make it all work together seamlessly. Thanks for all your help!


Jason P.

Cornerstone is amazing. Time and time again they are there when I need them at the speed of light!


Michael O.

Cornerstone was a great help implementing Salesforce for my growing real estate company. The interface was customized to meet our specific needs, and much, if not all of the tedious data entry was handled by their team. Training sessions were concise and well explained, and responsiveness was always top notch. Highly recommended.


Kevin K.

Cornerstone Insights, and Andrew Dunlap in particular, have been invaluable in helping us develop Salesforce. They took the time to really understand our business processes often times taking abstract instruction or vague requests and then making succinct suggestions based on best practices and experiences with other clients.


Dustin H.

Cornerstone Insights has been a great partner for us. We're a small business and couldn't figure out how to set up the analytics and dashboards we needed for Salesforce. Cornerstone helped us quickly set up what we needed, and offered a bunch of helpful new ideas along the way. Really fast, responsive and friendly. And they've been really candid with us about where we needed their help and where we're better off working directly with Salesforce or figuring out how to do things ourselves. Really helpful all around. Highly recommend working with Cornerstone.


Jason B.

I have been working with Cornerstone Insights for a couple of years on an ever evolving Salesforce implementation. They have been a critical resource for us. Their level of knowledge of Salesforce has enabled us to implement functionality we wouldn't have even known about without their guidance. Whenever we have had a problem, They have been there with a lighting fast resolution to the issue. We truly value their expertise, and know we would have never gotten this far without them. I would recommend Cornerstone Insights with zero reservations.